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Image video for "ROSKOSMOS"
Objective of the projectPresentation of the company and its services in order to conclude new deals on the global space market
What we didCreated a modern presentation video
ResultVideo used at aerospace exhibitions for company presentation
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Creative video about talking dumplings
Objective of the projectTo develop a video for the launch of a new TM dumplings for a youth audience
What we didWe came up with a concept with a catchy color scheme, filmed, applied graphics, diluted with humor
ResultThe video is successfully broadcast on TV and in pre-roll YouTube
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10 million views on YouTube.
Viral video for a shopping center.
Objective of the projectAttract audience attention, increase brand awareness
What we didWe chose the format of a flash mob, came up with and implemented the idea
ResultMore than 10 million views and 90,000 likes
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Residential complex video presentation
Objective of the projectTo convey to the audience the advantages of a residential complex under construction
What we didDeveloped a presentation concept that combines 3D spans, 2D infographics and live filming
ResultThe video turned out to be easy and understandable
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Video explainer for UnitPay payment service
Objective of the projectCreate a short video explaining the essence of the service
What we didWe opted for an animated video up to 30 seconds
ResultA simple and straightforward video in which only one thought is conveyed - use UnitPay to receive electronic payments
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