7.5 million rubles via video and YouTube

RESULT2 sold apartments from clicks on advertising video on YouTube in the first 2 months of the advertising campaign

7.5 million rubles via video and YouTube

What we did: 1. Conducted segmentation of the target audience: - Young families with a child; - Visitors from other regions (Moscow region, Siberia, the Far East, Kazakhstan) to a more pleasant region in terms of climate and ecology, with a desire to purchase comfortable housing; - People who have retired and decided to buy more comfortable housing. 2. We interviewed people who had already bought housing in Tsvetnoy Boulevard who fell under the selected segments of Central Asia and found out what advantages of the complex influenced their decision to purchase housing. Based on the answers, a scenario plan was developed.

3. Filmed a video, including reviews with real residents, the main advantages affecting the purchase, gave answers to the most frequent objections of potential customers. 4. Set up targeted advertising on YouTube with a link to the landing page of the residential complex. We created utm tags and brought them into the CRM system to track the result.

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