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10 million views on YouTube.
Viral video for a shopping mall.
A taskAttract audience attention, increase brand awareness
DecisionWe chose the format of a flash mob, came up with and implemented the idea
ResultMore than 10 million views and 90,000 likes
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Sewing experiment on a pumped-up man
A taskMake a viral release for the YouTube channel of the embroidery master Valentina Bukeeva
DecisionWe came up with the concept of the release, wrote the text of the announcer, produced the shooting and made the editing of the release
ResultMore than 45,000 views, with an average number of views of ~ 5-7 thousand and +1100 subscribers on Valentina's YouTube channel
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Pre-election video for governor
A taskAttract the attention of a young audience to the CPRF candidate
DecisionTogether with the punk group "House of Soviets" developed and implemented the concept of the video
ResultAn article about the video was published on the Kommersant website:

The video has received 5.5 thousand views on the video hosting Vimeo
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Video production steps

Video Marketing
Marketing component
  • Conducting a 45-question technology survey
  • We create a sheet of meanings about the company
  • Registering customer avatars
Preparing for filming
  • Creativity and concept development
  • Script creation
  • Storyboard
  • Locations search
  • Casting of actors
  • Location preparation
  • Directing and staging
  • Light work
  • Filming process
  • Video editing
  • Sound design
  • Development of graphics
  • Voiceover
  • Color correction
Payback video
  • Strategy
  • Setting up advertising campaigns
  • Analysis of results

Reviews about us

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«A video presentation from REPLAY has become an integral part of our negotiations with Russian and foreign partners. Now, in 4 minutes of video, we will tell you as clearly as possible about the enterprise and its capabilities»
Alexander Anikeev General Director of JSC "EcoPet"
«We have been working with REPLAY for over three years. Videos made by REPLAY are mesmerizing»
Victor Ivanyuk Project Manager "Tsvetnoy Boulevard", "Russian Europe"
«A detailed approach to each stage of video production. The result of the work is fully consistent with what we wanted»
Alexey Rassadin Development Director IDESK
«The task was to visualize the investment presentation. We contacted REPLAY and as a result, thanks to the created video, we reached a new level of negotiation»
Anatoly Rychkov The owner of the company BaltAgro
«If you want your product video to be cool and modern, then you should definitely go to the guys from REPLAY»
Roman Korkin Head of Advertising Department of Real Estate Department "Megapolis"

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